Karate Classes Singleton




Adult Karate Classes

Adult Karate Classes

Our Adults Karate classes are great for men, women and youths. You do not need to be super fit and it is never to late to start. 

Over time you will gain

Focus & Awareness

In today's fast moving and often stressful environment karate can help you to develop a greater self control and focus.

Being aware of your surroundings and avoiding dangerous situations is a vital key to good self-defence.


The truth is that many people are not that flexible, that's why we have a program that is designed to take into account all individual abilities and help you improve your flexibility.

Strength, Fitness & Co-ordination

From the cardiovascular and endurance workouts of  karate you will gradually achieve greater energy and stamina.

Our training will help with weight problems, developing a strong, toned and more healthy body. Our training will also help improve your co-ordination.

Karate Classes Singleton

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