Karate Classes Singleton


Kids Karate Classes

Kids Karate Classes

With kids Karate classes at Kaigan Kan Karate-Do Singleton, your child will develop poise while improving their strength, balance, coordination, and self-esteem. Kaigan Kan provide a healthy, safe, fitness focused class that enhances every student's positive attitude and academic performance.

At Kaigan Kan our Kids Karate classes are designed to make your child feel so good about themselves that they don't adhere to the peer pressures and bullying that too often affect their lives. From a new found passion for physical fitness, to steadfast discipline and unwavering confidence, our Kids Karate classes have so much to offer!


Tiny Tots 5 yrs and under

We all know that toddlers and pre-schoolers have energy to burn. What better way to help them use up all that seemingly boundless energy than with Tiny Tots Karate?

Taught by our senior karate instructors, Tiny Tots Karate combines karate with energy-burning games and activities. Your child will have so much fun while you get an hour to sit down and relax!

Junior & Beginners 

Is your focus for your child confidence, self-discpline, exercise, self control or anti bullying skills, we take the time to understand what you as a parent would like your child to achieve from martial arts.



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